Support from FSF


The English fan co-operation "Football Supporters Federation" has given their support to the Eurostand 2008 campaign. The federation fights for rights of the fans in England and Wales. That includes all kinds of subjects like ticket prices, problems with the police and the fight against racism. The union has more than 140.000 individual supporters, who have the united goal of better conditions for the football and its fans.

FSF are also the makers of the project "Football Supporters International". The project had their first congress in London, July this year. The congress hosted more than 250 fans from 28 European countries, and among these guests were a couple of the fans behind Eurostand 2008, who took the chance of passing out flyers and spreading the word about the campaign.

We are very satisfied that such a big federation has chosen to support our project. We hope that I can make other federations and groups of fans support the Eurostand 2008 campaign.

You can read more about FSF on their website, and FSI on