Pictures and the next steps


It has now been around 10 days since the Eurostand 2008 campaign took place, and many fans around Europe has already showed their banners and messages. These protests can be seen in our gallery:

We`re of cause still looking for pictures of banners and protests. If you have pictures that isn`t in our gallery please send it to .

We can mention the public press attention that the campaign has received as followed:

- Article in the newspaper "Dagbladet" in Norway - Interview on the radiostadion "Nova" in Oslo, Norway
- Column in the newspaper "Politikken" in Denmark
- Interview on the radiostadion "BBC London" in England
- Lots of articles in fanmagazines all over Europe

If anyone has more material they also are very welcome to send it to us.

We thank all the participating fans for the support in Eurostand 2008. Our next step is to take contact with UEFA and show them all our evidence of support for the protest angainst modern football. After that we will take contact to FSI og hopefully get the following actions confirmed. This is the right way to go, because FSI has many contacts in the official footballworld, and this way we can hopefully get stronger in the battle against modern football.

Eurostand 2008 - Against Modern Football!