Eurostand 2008 will take place in the weekend of 13.09.2008 and 14.09.2008. This weekend has been chosen because the campaign in 1998 took place about the same time of the year. If your club does not play that particular weekend but in the days before or after it, it is obvious that you should use those days to show our message to the world.

To support Eurostand 2008 we urge all fans to create and display banners, flags and other effects with the text Eurostand 08 or other messages related to Eurostand. In addition it is of great importance that people help spreading the word of this campaign to as many fans as possible, perhaps through articles, websites and discussion boards or just simply by verbally contacting other groups of fans.

We would like to emphasise that this campaign is 100% non-violent and non-political. In advance we would like to distance this Eurostand 2008 from any actions of violent behaviour and vandalism that might be connected to this campaign. We wish to display the message of the campaign through banners, articles, chants and other non-violent initiatives.

It is not necessary to sign up for the campaign in order to participate, because we want as many fans as possible to take part in the campaign. Although we would appreciate that the groups of fans who wish to participate would notify us by sending an email containing:

The name of your club:
Your group name:
Contact information (email-adress):
Link to website:

The email should be sent to the following email-address:

When your enrolment have been registered we will mark your group as a participating group on our website. An enrolment is preferred because it gives us a better understanding of how many participators we can count on and also where we can use our resources for the best. In addition it will be easier to coordinate newsletters and other information to the participating fans. Last but not least a bigger list of participating fans on our website will create a knock-on effect on the visitors of our website and the fans in doubt of participating.